Blue Plasma changed everything about Plasma Technology. It is the first cell to be able to keep information. Now new adaptations and mutations could be saved, replicated and placed into others.

One of the first uses for it became a hardened shell, basically just dead blue cells it allowed plasma to form a carapace. This allowed everything from casings, armor, to buildings.

Best of all it was edible, Blue Cell also changed food. Dead blue cells were perfectly edible.

Later technology involved the first Clock. which calculated the timing of every daybreak, thus allowing the Bound to move more freely and even build outside.

Later adaptations to Blue Cells were put into making the Network and allowing the construction of smaller and smarter drones.

Blue cells in their last form became a weapon. A neurological airborne gas cloud that disconnected the brain from controlling the body.

Blue cells need direct light to grow. Because of this the North grows them at an alarming rate, and the Southern Deviant Fleet grows them near the heart of the universe with brain dead Robio crafts circling the star.

Blue cells also have the benefit being able to control the other plasmas. It can keep the orange plasma contained to a part of a drone and solidify green to make large muscle tissue.

Depending on how much blue plasma is needed to maintain a Drone it can develop a personality. This includes everything from the non-talking ones like Worker Drones to the larger Buildings, Platforms, Robio Crafts.

The biggest of the crafts