Blue Plasma

Blue Cells are the most dense of the three types of Plasma.

Like all Plasma it also has three forms.

Blue Cells inside Green Plasma

In it's liquid form it is a gel like ball, very durable and hard to destroy. These orbs hold information that tell the plasma around it how to act.

When Blue Plasma dies it is compacted into cylinders and is edible. Though mostly flavorless it has become a common part of the Deviant diet. When Blue Plasma dies, it cannot be revived like Orange Plasma.

Blue Cells don't need to be dead to be edible though. Some Blue Cells have been programmed to alter the brain, similar to Alcohol

Blue Cell Drink, not for everyone

when Blue Cells explode they spread out into a blue mist, and this is it's gas form. When inhaled the Blue Plasma temporary cuts off connection from the brain to the rest of the body, leaving the target immobile. This was used to end The Last War

Blue Cells are essential for the Deviant Fleet as most everything they use require a constant supply of Blue Cells, Robios have been equipped with organs that regenerate their Blue Cell supply when in direct sunlight or any other source of heat. Like the stomach of a Wave Breaker.

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