Borealis was part of the Siege at The Passage, After the Greens defeat at the Last War the Southern Deviant Fleet continued to leave their newly crafted warships at the Passage.

Seasons after the attack a distress call came from a Southern floating city known as The Spires.

A large Krynn from the Dark South moved to more northern waters to die, but found the Spires and attacked them.

The entire southern fleet refused to help the Spires and Sailor Borealis knocked out his captain, moved the warship to the Spires. Took his Water Drone and lured the Krynn to underwater vines where it got stuck and drowned.

For Borealis help he was given his own Ship and called the "Defender of the Spires".

Since this happened Borealis has been independent, though he often worked with the Southern Deviant Fleet his priorities is to the Spires.