The Bound is the dominant intelligent species of Sanctum. The Bound are divided into three social groups known as the Green, the Nomads and the Blue Deviants

Greens are the most common of the species, followed by the Nomads and finally the Blues.

The Greens and Blues have been separated for the longest period of time, long enough that the species was at the starting point of splitting before the world starting coming closer together again. Primarily thanks to the ease of transportation and the Network.

Still, because of how long those two groups have been separated Greens and Blues have difficulty breeding, Often causing abnormalities in the offspring and leaving them sterile.

History- Evolving out of The Crawl the Bound spent the majority of it's history in the Northern Vinefields inside the Umbilical that attached their planet to the rest of The Universe.

Due to their unpredictable day cycle that would kill anyone on the surface the Bound developed a fear of the light, and anything above their heads. A simple religion developed because of this. The Faith had two simple commandments, 'take care of one another, and fear the sky.'

Unable to have a real civilization from the indestructible constantly growing vines they moved in Caravans until the discovery of the Passage where they expanded to the NomadLands and to the Far South.

Around this time the Bound invented "Orange Plasma" which allowed them to eat away at rocks. This eventually lead to large cities inside the Free Mountains.

This started a new perspective on the sky, and new science. Astronomy was born but the idea was seen as taboo from the North, and anyone who studied the sky was called a Deviant.

The Nomad lands were indifferent to these rules, though they never publicly funded any astronomy. Both out of it still being dangerous from their lands, their civilization was far underground, and little interest in it.

More Bound moved more south and eventually found "Deviant Isle" where they openly encouraged studies of the sky.

The Blues called themselves Deviants, but the First real Deviant became the first Bound to reach space. "The First Deviant" Since then there has been a split in the species, nearly half calling themselves Deviants, the other keeping the name "The Bound"