Daybreak is when direct light from the Cores star shines directly onto the surface of Sanctum

daybreak in the Vinefields

For most of the Bounds existence Daybreak was thought to be random. Because of this the Bound could never build above the Vinefields and instead lived within the Vinefields until the discovery of Orange Plasma where digger drones were able to eat into the mountainsides so the Bound could finally have a civilzation.

Some eventually did dare to go above the vinefields, and even outside the Rim. These were known as the Nomads and they had much better luck understanding the sky. Though it was still looked down upon within the Vinefields in the NomadLands there were no real way to enforce these laws.

It took thousands of years after even the forming of Deviant Isle before a Nomad invented the first Clock.

It was discovered that Daybreak was not random, but a series of planets that revolved around the space between Sanctum and the Core that pushed The Veil enough out of the way above Sanctum to allow direct sunlight to touch the surface.

Once the invention of the Clock, came the "Reader" a small personal computer like device often held in a stick like shell that told the user when it was safe to go outside.

This started the first surge of outdoor labs around the Rim.

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