Deviant Isle

Deviant Isle is the home of the Blue Deviants.


When studying the sky became illegal in the Northern Vinefields and the NomadLands being too dangerous for such studies a band of Bound went farther south than anyone have before. Resting on a small island off the coast of the Nomadlands.

These Bound were called Deviants from the Northern Church and they decided to embrace this title. Calling themselves openly Deviants and even naming their new home "Deviant Isle"

Deviant Isle quickly rose as a technological wonder of the world. Pioneering and mastering the Blue Plasma which allowed new kinds of Plasma Technology.

The Deviants of Deviant Isle above all else tried to master space flight.

But always failed

It was a Bound from the Northern Vinefields that finally made it into space, stealing that honor from the Deviants. The First Deviant made it into space, which sparked The Last War

When word of the invasion hit Deviant Isle they then moved their fishing fleet to the coast near The Passage to assist in the conflict.

After The Last War the Deviants refused to move their fleet from the coast, just in case the Green Bound ever tried another invasion.

It took the swarms of Krynn pods moved into Deviant Isle water to finally withdraw the fishing fleet from the blockade near The Passage.