Drones are the primary result of most all Plasma Technology in one form or another.


Earliest of the Drones came out as slug like creatures with an Orange Plasma underside to eat at the rocks.

Even Readers could arguably be a drone.

Robio, Wave Breakers and Relays are also considered to be Drones.

basically anything with the capability to even act alive.

But in most cases a Drone is considered anything mobile, smaller than a Robio and like the primitive Slugdrones that dug into the mountains or the current day Drones that walk around on three legs.


The Original drones were crafted by putting Green Plasma in the stomach of a dead creature.


By binding part of the growing Drone it could be shaped into different forms for different uses.


Sometimes during the creation of one of these drones accidents happen, and it fails to form correctly. These are often re-purposed into mills or supply transports.


one of Drones oldest uses is a scout.

alt text

These tall drones originally walked around with the caravans in early in the Bounds history, and scouted out for dangerous creatures that also lives among the Vines.

Scouts were not very good at anything but alerting the Bound of a nearby enemy but sometimes they would even assist in the fight.

Drones often worked as mills and heat pits. Where the Bound would cook their food and craft their tools.

After the discovery of Blue Plasma Drones became much more advanced and intelligent.

Originally Orange Plasma worked as both stomach and brain. So the Drone would work off instinct. But with Blue Cells they became much easier to create.


Most of the Drones essential organs are all in the body. the neck and head is really just for the Eye.

Dronecutaway2.png Drone101.png

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