Free Mountains

The few Mountains that are lucky enough to stand above the Vinefields are known as the "Free Mountains"

A Free Mountain after construction was allowed on their exterior

The Faith considers them holy, at least after they were able to dig into them using Orange Plasma

Free Mountain Cutaway

Originally the Free Mountains were dug into from their base and the mining went up, never actually breaking to the surface except to move air in small crafted vents. This eventually led to bigger cavities that led to more cities.

Northside Mountain University in The Care
Cliffside city in the lowest part of the mountain, illuminated with blue cells.

Because of this the lowest part of the mountains are now ruins of worn down cities.

After the invention of the Clock and the Bound were able to tell when it was safe to be exposed to open sky the Mountains were opened up to allow more ventilation.

The Care surface once opened up.

The Care is one of the largest mountain cities in the North and it's cities are covered with ancient statues showing their the Bound holding the ceilings and defending their insides from the light.