"The Husk Cracker", "The Wire to the North" Specialist Frident, is an Engineer from the NomadLands.


Upon receiving his engineering license Frident was recruited onto the Skylight labs as a young adult

At Skylight labs he worked in the lower Den as a drone maintenance engineer and researcher.

He was then recruited by the Architect of the Skylight labs to go with her to the Northern Vinefields where she was to negotiate new regulation on building on the Free Mountains in exchange for her vouching for his Specialist License.

On their way to the North Frident witnessed the launch of The First Deviant.

Frident was then first hand witness to the rise of The Last War.

A series of antenna was erected while he traveled back towards The Passage to the Nomad Lands.

Frident was able to sneak his way back into the NomadLands before the end of the Last War.

Then on his own went out to find the Launch point of the First Deviant.

Upon discovery of the lab Frident then set up his own Lab where he would could continue to broadcast his lessons on the network to the North using his antennas spread throughout the north.

During these years Frident was titled "Line to the North" for his time showing the North outside education.

Frident would later be credited for other world changing discoveries including Solid state Green Plasma and cutting into the first Vines husk, earning his second title. "The Husk Cracker."

He then Retired a hundred seasons before the events of Deviant.