Green Plasma

Green Plasma like all Plasma has three forms, and it's three forms have different properties. But Green Cells are the most basic of the three other types of Plasma. Green Plasma is like a Stem Cell. Blank and closer to water than most any other kind of cell. If left in the sun it will evaporate leaving a sticky sugary like residue.

Gas State

In it's Gas form Green Plasma makes for a wireless Network. Allowing information to be transferred quickly in the air. It's range is usually limited to it's suggested area. (The Vinefields, NomadLands, Deviant Isle) But these networks have been connected together with large Antenna Nerves that directly move information from one area to another.

Liquid State

In it's liquid form Green Plasma will do whatever it's told by Orange or Blue Plasma. When in contact with Orange Plasma it will try to mass together and give the stomach some form of mobility so it can continue to feed. When in contact with Blue Plasma it can do anything from create muscles, organs, pending on the Blue Cells.



It's solid form was thought to be impossible until created by Specialist Frident who claimed to have made it on accident, and made another just to prove he could do it again. The secret of this remains with him however. Solid state Green Plasma is perfectly round and is connected to a base power source, Fridents arms are these Bases, he can independently move these Orbs around freely and they appear to be indestructible.

one of only two Solid Green state orbs.

Solid and Semi-Solid State

Semi-solid state Green Plasma is much more common, Tightly compacted and perfectly round on one side they are used from everything as a tool to Gravhooks which are used to maintain a certain levitation or grip onto a surface.

The Green Cells are so tightly compacted when in a semi-solid form that they have the ability to manipulate gravity. Not repel against it or fly, but fail to fall.

In space GravGen Core are possible. These are huge solid looking green plasma orbs. They however are not solid but very wet. The Green cells tightly compacted into a very durable membrane that stretches and allows a constant stream of green cells to shoot out a single hole. These are dragged around by Robio crafts that use them a constantly source of propulsion.

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