Inner space

The space between Sanctum and the Core is known as Inner Space.

Unlike the dark blue waves throughout the rest of The Veil, Inner Space is much more calm, the soft white clouds move gracefully around the planets.

The planets revolving around the Core push out large portions of the clouds in Innerspace causing a Wake in it's trail. This trail thins out the Veil just enough to allow light from the Core to touch the Surface of Sanctum. When this happens it is known as Daybreak

Originally only one planet was known to be revolving around the Core. But others were theorized by the random timing of Daybreak.

It wasn't until a Nomad scientist figured out that the reason no one has been able to make a successful clock to accurately predict when Daybreak would happen was because one of the planets were revolving the wrong way around the star.

The Inner Space around Sanctum is used heavily by the Green Bound who use it for the construction of their Wave Breakers

Closer to the Core are the Robio Grave Yard, where brain dead Robios revolve as close to the Core as they can where they continuously generate more Blue Plasma for the blue Fleet.

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