Orange Plasma

Orange Plasma is the most essential piece of the Deviants Plasma Technology. Orange Plasma works as the stomach, and has a mind of it's own.

It however doesn't care what it has to eat, and even though it doesn't REQUIRE much to survive, it is always hungry.

The dangers of Orange plasma was noted very early in it's development and a safety precaution were put into it. Orange Plasma hates Oxygen, and when open Orange Plasma touches air it solidifies as fast as it can, however the more of it there is, the slower the process is. It can go from seconds when there is a small amount, to hours when there is a vat of it, However a flow of Orange Plasma is very hard to solidify on it's own. Orange Plasma is often placed deep into Green Plasma to shield it, and to keep the Orange Plasma from solidifying and safely away from the Bound handlers.

When the Orange Plasma does solidify it becomes "Scab".


When in it's solid form it is safe, and very sturdy. Often used as tools for mining and even weapons during "The Last War"


If a strong enough electrical charge hits Orange Plasma in it's solid form the Plasma can go back into liquid state.

During normal drone wear-and-tear, the Green Plasma can generate small veins of Orange Plasma makes its way to the surface, and the hole it escapes from is too small for liquid escape but Orange Plasma escapes in vapors. When this happens the solidification still takes place to capture the escaped Orange Plasma in gas form. This causes small balloons appear on the drones surface. Most common in joints or stressed area. These balloons are very warm and if used properly can be used to create Zeppelins.


Orange Plasma is very dangerous, and many engineers have fallen victim to it. When Orange Plasma in liquid form grabs ahold of something organic, it is almost impossible to have it let go, and amputation is often the only way to save the life of the victim grabbed by it.

Blue Plasma has some success when controlling Orange Plasma, feeding small amounts of itself to the Orange Plasma, giving it information and orders to stop it from feeding on it's own but if the Orange Plasma does not get a constant amount of Blue Cells to sate it's hunger it will forcefully feed on the first Blue Cells it can find, this being the personality of the Drone itself. This led to many Robio crafts to become brain dead. If the Orange Plasma still isn't sated from that it will continue to grow seek more food or starve. Whichever come first.