Plasma Technology works much like how a regular Cell works, except the size is potentially unlimited.

A Cell requires three components to exist. One is Mass, the cytoplasm, which is represented by Green Plasma acting as the base of all Plasma Technology.

Next is the digestive track of the Cell, This is represented by Orange Plasma which digests nutrients and manipulate Green Plasma. These first two components are all that's required to create a Drone. The stomach acting as the brain.

lastly is the brains, or the Nucleus of the Cell. This is represented by Blue Plasma which is able to create more complex forms and takes over control of the Green Plasma from the Orange Plasma


The Bound in the North made a discovery of Green Plasma early in their existence and without a powersource it was not very useful.

Green Plasma has some success of attaching itself to a dead creatures body, powered by the creatures stomach it reformed itself around the creature to create the most primitive of Drones

Later the Bound found a way to great their own power source for the Green Cells. This was later called "Orange Plasma"

Orange Plasma is best known for digesting anything, organic material can be digested in minutes and rocks in days. Slugdrones were used to mine out the mountains in the Vinefields

Orange plasma also allowed bigger more powerful Drones to be created.

These drones shown the first signs of sentience as the Drones created this way often had personalities and traits they were better at than other Drones made in a similar way.

Drones are unable to reproduce or to transfer genes so these traits could never be passed down until Deviants of Deviant Isle discovered Blue Plasma.

Blue Cells could reproduce in direct sun light and were able to transfer information from one information to another.

With Blue Cells new generations of drones started to spring up including new organs such as The Eye, Float Sacs, and even behaviors.

Though Blue Cells also work as a power source, able to control green cells even better than Orange Cells. But Blue Cells require constant refueling to be maintained, where as Orange Plasma can be replenished by literally anything.

When a bit of Deviant Technology gets big enough it develops a personality, and becomes alive. For instance Robios have developed speech, as well as Trams and even City Terminals.

Each type of Plasma has three forms. A solid, a liquid and a gas. For further details on any Plasma check their individual pages.

Green Plasma Orange Plasma Blue Plasma