Robot-Biotic. Robio.


Robio crafts have been searching The Veil since just a few seasons after the launch of The First Deviant.


There are currently near 80 working Robio Runner crafts. They are considered the most essential craft in the fleet. Though Wave Breakers can get to a single location faster, and without the worry of limitations like Blue Plasma for their movement, the Robio Runners are much more easier to maintain usually not needing more than a crew of one. Relays and Wave Breaker need a crew of at least five to work comfortably, (Crews often sit from 10-40).

Robios can break down for a number of reasons. Expending too many blue cells, crashing into moons/mountains, falling out of the universe and unkept internal organs.

Due to their size they are the first of Deviant Technology that has developed sentience powerful enough to communicate casually.

Because of this it becomes important that the Robios like their pilots, as they need to spend a lot of times together.

Robio crafts drag a large GravGen Core behind them, these cores propel the craft forward continuously without costing the craft any power. Instead the power is used to 'grip' and manipulate the GravGen Core using Grav-Hooks.

if a Robio craft drops below 5% of it's Blue Cells the Robio Craft will re-purpose the Blue cells devoted to memory and personality for Fuel. This will leave the Robio Craft 'Brain Dead'. It can still be piloted but is more sluggish, these crafts are then re-positioned to a ring in Inner Space called the "Graveyard" where they become Blue Harvesters, where they generating Blue Cells for the Fleet.


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