The Last War

The Last War is the only War to ever happen on Sanctum.

After The First Deviant launched there was a rush to uncover the Launch site, but the Greens of the Vinefields decided that they were too lenient on the rest of the worlds curiosity of the sky.

A Bound soldier wielding a Scab made Sword and Shield

The Priestess called in her Police force from around the Vinefields and united them into the first army and marched onto The Passage. A short warning was given to all Nomads who lived in the Passage to evacuate the area. Those who remained were slaughtered.

A Bound soldier Slaughtering a Nomad

Using weapons crafted from Scab ( Orange Plasma in it's solid form ) The army calling themselves the Blinders moved onto the Nomad lands.

On the other side the Blinders forced evacuations of all Labs near the Rim and started their own search for the Launch site of The First Deviant. Several Labs refused to evacuate and resisted the Blinders and all were killed.

When word of the invasion hit Deviant Isle they re-purposed their fishing fleet and moved to the ocean near The Passage.

Normal Bound armor, made of HuskWeave and Bones

More information to come...