The Bound Have always used interesting new methods of getting around. The Most successful earliest form of Transportation was the Zepplins.

Early Zepplin from the Vinefields.

Zepplins were made of Drones that were continuously damaged and healed naturally through their natural Orange Plasma healing process. Large Balloons of warm Orange Plasma in it's gas form allow the Drones to float. Usually given fins to better glide alone the wind current these Zepplins moves between the Vines for when faster than foot transportation was needed.

Some Larger Drones were developed that could carry small groups of Bound, these usually required slug like bottoms, to slowly move the along the Vines and Surface of Sanctum in the Vinefields. These Drones are still created and used for transportation within mountain cavities.

Modern Day Transportation includes the Trams suspended in the air using GravGen Cores and Orange Plasma engines to propel them forward.

These are used both in the Vinefields and in the NomadLands underground cities.

Deviant Isle uses smaller but more personal crafts for their citizens. Skippers glide in the air for short periods of time before diving into the water refill it's tanks before shooting itself back into the sky.

Skipper crafts moving along the Coast to the NomadLands