The Vinefields, Rim, and inside the Umbilical

The Vinefields cover the entire northern hemisphere of the planet and consist of all land within the Rim of the Umbilical.

Cutaway of the Vinefields, Free Mountains, Rim and Nomadlands

The Northern point of the planet always faces it's star. Because of this The North was the first place to start growing life. The vines started their growth in the caves under what are now called the vinefields and over millions of years adapted to the light of Daybreak.

The beginning of the Vinefields

The vines dug out a network of caverns deep into the crust of Sanctum before eventually breaking into the surface, and over millions of years have entangled the Northern surface with a densely packed field of Vines that grow mostly within the Rim

Tightly compact mountains peek over the fields which is where the Bound in the north dug into to make their first civilizations with the help of Orange plasma and early Drones.

A busy Freemountain

The Vinefields make up about the entire top 8th of the planet of Sanctum

Places of interest within the Vinefields

The Care North Port The Crawl

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