Vinehusk is the most durable material known in The Universe It was thought to be indestructible until Specialist Frident discovered a way to cut it.

Ever since the Bound have began using it to plate their Robio and Wave Breaker crafts.

Vinehusk has even been used to stop the Tsunamis that push across the ocean.

Types of Vinehusk:

Soaked Husk - Vines soaked in water for thousands of years have layers of Vinehusk that can be easily peeled off. Though still incredibly strong and used to plate Robio Crafts, it is no comparison to Pure Vinehusk

Husk Weave - The only thing known to be able to harm Vinehusk is Vinehusk. When two or even the same Vine bends a weird way or grind together they shave off layers Vine strands that can be used for Paper to Armor.

VineHusk - VineHusk is the end all of materials. It takes great care to both obtain and mold VineHusk to shell buildings or WaveBreaker crafts.