Wave Breaker

wave Breakers were created to last in the darkest corners of The Universe without ever needing to return to The Core to refuel. Instead wave Breakers are primarily fueled by Orange Plasma. Though it is directly slower than a Robio craft, it can freely move and navigate in the Veil. cutting days off any travel.


The Orange Plasma feeds off The Veil as well as acting as it's primary source of propulsion. Since it doesn't use a GravGen Core it can turn and maneuver around debris inside the Veil.


Wave Breakers do take longer to make and are considerably larger than a Runner it does have a much better success Rate, where as about half of the Robio Crafts have ceased functioning for one reason or another. Only two Wave Breakers have ever been destroyed.


Most Wave Breakers are actually owned and operated by the Northern Fleet, taking lead from the South and their liberation after The Isolation ended with a deal made between The Priestess and Specialist Frident. This deal resulted in The Priestess and the church obtaining their very own Wave Breaker. However they keep it close to The Care


Now 4 out of every 5 Wave Breakers are Northern owned and constructed within the Inner space mostly due to how much easier it has become for the North to make it into space and transport Vinehusk into high orbit.

Wave Breakers tend to have Crews averaging from 5 to 30. Pending on it's use. Exploration usually have smaller crafts and research Wave Breakers are used tend to have larger crews. Some even park at moons and become temporary Relays

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